As I step in to the office, half the chairs are vacant and the noise levels are lower than usual because the obnoxious woman at work is on vacation.

It is Friday before long weekend and many coworkers had an early start to their long weekend but I on the other hand decided to come in to save vacation days.

The Simple Life - Friday Before Long Weekend

Friday’s before long weekends at work are usually more relaxed for there are no major deadlines to meet and the energy in the office is positive.

It is not a normal day at work where you feel like being productive for you are just counting the minutes until your workday is over and everyone is antsy about clocking out physically though you may have clocked out mentally once you arrived at work.

These days usually do go slower than any other day for it seems when you anticipate something, the minutes leading up to it seem like hours.

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” ― Aristotle

Plans are made and awaiting to be implemented.


Before you know it, you finally made it through Friday before the long weekend.

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