Why is my life so complicated and why can’t I live a simple life?  Life wasn’t always this way, so why is it so complicated?  Ever ask yourself these questions?  The simple answer to why life is so complicated is that we choose to complicate it.  If we just remove or minimize the ‘things’ that are causing the complications in our lives – life would be simple.

To live life we only really need the basic necessities of food, shelter, and clothing – everything else is extra.  I am not saying that you should completely remove all the extra stuff for it may be the means to the basics necessities of life but if we took a closer look in to our lives – there are many ways we can simplify to live a happy and content life.

Reasons to Live a Simple Life

  • Reduces stress levels
  • Live a content life
  • Learn to live within your means
  • Live free of debt
  • Live in the present moment
  • Make peace with imperfections
  • Age slowly
  • Live a life of freedom
  • Build relationships with loved ones
  • Learn to live with less
  • Focus on the things that matter

There are many other reasons to live a simple life and this list names a few.  To find your reasons to live a simple life just take a glance at the things that complicate your life and ask yourself,

“Can I live without this?”

If your answer is YES then it is not necessary for you to live your life – so why stress about it?  The other day I got a flat tire and I immediately got in to stress mode thinking of the worse possible outcome.  Then I thought,

“Can I live without a car?”

The answer was,

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“Yes, I can live without a car but … it would suck because [insert excuses].”

Then I removed the ‘but … ‘ and was left with ‘Yes’ then the list of excuses became null and I realized that it wasn’t a necessity in my life, it just made my life more convenient.  I lived without a car for most of my life and more recently, for three months in 2010 when I was in Asia, so it was just my ego making all the excuses of why I needed a car in Toronto when in reality it is what I wanted.  With this realization, my stress and tensions dissipated and learning to let go of things can be a hard lesson to learn especially for those who like to be in the driver’s seat.

To Live a Simple Life, You Have To Live Like You Are a Kid Again

I watch my two little nephews running around without a care in the world and wished I can live a simple life like them.  Then the lyrics of the song ‘Back in the Day’ by Ahmad came in my head,

“Back in the days when I was young –  I’m not a kid anymore,
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again”

Then I questioned,

“Why can’t I live like a kid again?”

It seems the older we get, life seems to get more complicated with responsibilities, so we need to take a step back and try to see the world like we are kids again.  Enjoy the simplicities that life has to offer and truly live in the moment.   Kids seem to be the ideal persons to be inspired by for they are living examples of persons who know how to truly live a simple life.  They don’t worry about tomorrow and only worry about the present which we should do more often.  I know as adults we have responsibilities to attend to but if we don’t start living in the moment, the moment would be lost.

Start Your Journey to Live A Simple Life Today

The fact that you have made it this far shows you are ready to open your mind to live a simple life.  I won’t guarantee that it will happen instantly for I admit that everyone including myself has individual struggles that we have to work through.  It may take minutes, days, months, and even years to change our habits but if we work at it, we will start to improve our lives and start to live a simple life leading to a life of contentedness and happiness in all aspects of your life … at home, work, or school.

The reason why I wanted to live a simple life is so that I can start living again and appreciate life in its purest form.  If you forgot how to do that just try to live like you are a kid again even for just a moment.  We all been kids before so we have it in us to go back to our inner 5 year old – so start today and you will start to live a simple life of happiness and contentedness.