I step in to my car and the heat of the sun is trapped in, so I throw off my sweater in the backseat and roll the window down so the heat can escape. I kind of like the feeling of heat in the car for the air outside is still a bit cool. I throw on my shades and turned on my favorite song in the car and started the engine.

As I drive, the feeling of air comes through my window and lightly brushes my hair. The sun warms me and illuminates the paleness of my skin from month’s of being indoors during winter. The weather is just right in that it isn’t too hot to turn on the a/c but not too cold where I have to leave the window’s closed and turn on the heat.

The Simple Life - Driving with the Window Down

I prop my left elbow on the window sill on the drivers side window and my hand against my face while my right hand is on the steering wheel. I bob my head to the music, take a deep breath and enjoy this moment for I haven’t felt this feeling for more than eight months.  If you were a driver beside me peering in to my car, you would think ‘this girl is having the time of her life!’

For those who are blessed to live in warm weather 12 months a year, you probably don’t understand the feeling but I am truly appreciative in the simple moments such as this, driving with the window down.

The Simple Life!

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