As I slipped on my new Saucony Hattoris, I transformed in to a different person, I became hyperactive. I was jumping up and down, running down the hallway of my living room, and staring at my feet in the mirror with my pants rolled up to my knees. There is something about a brand new pair of shoes that makes me smile. I feel fresh and new like brand new pair of shoes.

“The neurotransmitter dopamine is released, providing a feel-good high, similar to taking a drug,”

says Martin Lindstrom, a branding expert for Fortune 100 companies and author of Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy.

Wearing Brand New Pair of Shoes

Brand new shoes have never been worn, it has that fresh shoe smell, and it just makes you feel awesome. It doesn’t matter what type of shoe you get, it could be boots, sandals, heels, running shoes, or dress shoes, I always get that awesome feeling which comes from the feet up. I feel sexy with a new pair of high heels, cool in funky new sandals, and fast in new running shoes.

“Sometimes comfort doesn’t matter. When a shoe is freakin’ fabulous, it may be worth a subsequent day of misery. Soak in Epsom salts and take comfort in the fact that you’re better than everyone else.” ― Clinton Kelly

Women know this feeling more than most men for if you compare a woman’s shoe collection versus a man’s, typically a woman’s collection surpasses a mans. I was at my girlfriend’s place the other day and she lives with her husband, and she took up 70% of the closet space, occupying 90% of the floor space with shoes. We have a shoe for every season, occasion, and outfit. There are a few men that have more shoes than me, which consists of various Jordans, in which I envy.

I don’t buy new pair of shoes often for I learned to minimize my shopping habits. It was so bad that I used to buy a new pair of shoes every month, but I will not delve in to that topic. But when I do buy new pair of shoes, I love the feeling though breaking them in may be painful, it is all worth that brand new feeling.

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