I stepped in to the car and turned on my radio and my favourite song came on. So I turned the volume loud and started bobbing my head to the beat, fist in the air, smiling without a care. I think, “This is my song!!”

We are young!
So Let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter than the sun”
– Fun (We Are Young)

For some reason, listening to my favourite song in the car just makes me happy. The acoustics are phenomenal in a car for it is like a capsule of every sound drowning your ears in musical heaven. You can feel the beat of the drums vibrate through your spine and you can actually feel the music through every bone of your body. I feel the car is my own personal space where I can be wild and free when I listen to music. A song you once heard outside of the car was mediocre until you actually sit in your car and listen to the lyrics and every single detail of the beat, then the song becomes more than mediocre.

Listening to your favourite songs in the car can make traffic feel less congested, long drives feel shorter, and turn your bad day in to a better day.

Don’t be afraid to sing to your favourite song like you are doing karaoke, or dance in your seat like you are at a party – you’ll be surprised that your mood will be less stressful and more happy.

Traffic in Shanghai in the Night

I wish my car rides were much longer so that I can immerse myself in the song but I admit I’ve caught myself parked in my driveway, just to finish a song. I figure, ‘what’s the rush?’   Sometimes I find myself sitting in my car for 10 minutes as I go through my favourite songs on my playlists.  Life is too short to rush through enjoyable moments such as listening to your favourite song in your car – so live and appreciate the moment.

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