I enjoy the sound of opening a pop can or for my American readers it is the sound of opening a SODA can and the fizz sound there after.

I barely drink pop but once in awhile I have a craving for that cold carbonated drink to quench my thirst. It also mixes well with one of my alcoholic beverages also known as a chaser.

The Simple Life - Sound of opening a Soda Can

The sound of opening a pop can is just refreshing and seems to always sound the same as you pull the aluminum tab of the pop can to open it. Whenever I hear that sound it makes me crave for some myself.

The first sip of cold soda just tingles and feels amazing as it goes down my throat.

If I had the opportunity to open pop cans without drinking it, I would fully do it. I bet I’d have sore thumbs after but I suppose it is worth it.

The sound of opening a soda can is just one of the simple things in life that make me smile.


Now I’m craving a can of pop … sorry if I did the same.

Bottoms up.

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