As technology keeps us connected through our smart phones, talking to someone on the phone is rare but when you do, it brings joy when you speak to someone you love.

Text messaging, e-mail, Twitter, and FaceBook have narrowed the gap for communication but at the same time limits us from having more personal interactions such as talking to someone on the phone.

The Simple Life - Talking to Someone on the Phone

Photo Credit:Coal Miki on Flickr

When you are able to talk to someone special whom you haven’t talked to in a long time, their voice brings a comfortable familiarity which was lost through the electronic lines of communication.

I am guilty of falling in to this trap, as many of us are. With our iPhones, BlackBerries, Androids, etc., we have become submerged in less personal ways of communication.

Sometimes we need to break free from this and call someone who we’ve haven’t talked to in a long time to hear their voice and have a friendly conversation.  It is infectious hearing someone smile, laugh, be excited, happy, etc., then seeing a smiley or LOL on a text message.  I think people over use LOL’s in text messages and I wonder if it is real for I seen my friend send an LOL text but wasn’t laughing at all, lol.  I’m sure we are all guilty of doing this but it is meant to convey that something said was funny.

Occasionally, I talk to someone on the phone, Skype, or FaceTime but I don’t think I do it enough. I don’t even go over my minutes on my phone which is limited to only 200 minutes in the day.  Maybe it is the fact people work during the day but even my unlimited evening minutes  don’t even go over 500 minutes.

I think that talking to someone on the phone is such a rarity that when someone calls, you think something is wrong for it seems people only call in emergencies or if they are driving.

So call that friend you haven’t talked to or heard from in a long time. Laugh about the good times and catch up, you’ll be surprised how it can bring a smile on your face.

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