I sat in front of my macbook working on some photos with my window open in my room and all I can hear was a jingle that was very familiar to me, the sound of the ice cream truck song.

It immediately changed my blah mood in to a happy one. 🙂

The Simple Life - Ice Cream Truck Song

As a child I remember hearing the song of the ice cream truck pass through the neighborhood and it seems the song has never changed.

It is like they have you hypnotized in a trance at such a young age, somewhat like McDonald’s French Fries. It makes you want to buy ice cream where you start to salivate at the thoughts of ice cream or in my case popsicles (not poopsicles, lol).

“Life is like an ice cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a time. ” ― Charles M. Schulz

Sexy Ladies having Ice Cream in front of Ice Cream Truck

The ice cream truck song is light hearted and it just makes you happy no matter what age.  This is the ice cream truck song which you have grown to love, just listening to it now makes me smile.


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2 Responses to The Simple Life #20: Ice Cream Truck Song

  1. Ana Banegas says:

    Yay! my first Cameo! 🙂 Mr. Softee’s song is iconic. It’s a spring/summer lullaby. When I hear the melody, I know the nice weather is right around the corner. Not only does this melody serves as a reminder that my winter clothes would go on retirement for the next three summer months but also to take some time to enjoy a nice stroll in central park while savoring a delicious ice cream cone! Who would have ever thought that Mr. Softee would bring some piece of mind to one’s life! 🙂  Thanks for sharing Liza and always thank you for capturing amazing moments through your lens! <3 you.

  2. Doug Gottlieb says:

    Great post! That song brings back so many memories

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