Whether you play competitive sports, video games, or a spectator of your favourite sports team – winning from behind is a sweet victory.

The score was 24-20 for the opposing team, meaning we were behind 4 points from the other team and they just needed 1 point to win the game. Our team had possession of the ball and Dave was up to serve, which is the most high pressured position for every point counts in beach volleyball. On top of that, errors count as points for the other team, so if he misses a serve, we instantly lose the game.

Crunk Hoes - Volleyball Team - Toronto

Crunk Hoes - Volleyball Team (minus me)

So we put our game faces on for we were determined to win though we were down. We played in unison and it was simply a beautiful thing. I’ve been playing with this team for almost 4 months, 3 games officially, and this is the first time I felt we were a team. We scored point after point and ended up winning the game 26-24.

Memorable Comebacks in Sports

It is like when the Boston Red Sox were down 3-0 in the world series versus the New York Yankees in 2004 and they managed to win the next four games to win a seven-game series, ultimately winning the world series.  The Boston Red Sox was the first team in baseball history to come back from a 3-0 loss.

Another example is when Canada’s hockey team won against the United States in the Olympics of 2010. It was tied 2-2 and the game had gone on to overtime and the star player, Sydney Crosby, scored the game-winning goal to capture gold. That was a sweet victory especially since I am Canadian and the gold medal was won in Canadian soil in Vancouver. How SWEET!

Never Give Up Cause You Can Always Win from Behind

It could be a buzzer beater in a basketball game, hitting a home run at the bottom of the 9th of a baseball game, scoring a goal in overtime in soccer, or scoring a touchdown in the last few moments of a football game – winning from behind gives much more to celebrate.

It is because you didn’t give up despite the past mistakes, you just kept on going. The pressure is on and you just got to give it your all. You take every move with determination and drive that you are unstoppable.  Against all odds, you scored that winning goal!

“Winning isn’t everything – but wanting to win is.” ― Vince Lombardi

Realistically, you may not win from behind but at least you gave it all your heart but when you do win from behind, it is an amazing feeling.

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