It was my birthday and my mother treated me for a manicure and pedicure which I usually do myself but when I went to a nail salon I just forgot how amazing it felt. It was the first time I got a pedicure in two years, so it was refreshing.

The Simple Life - Getting a Pedicure

I was like a queen sitting on an elevated massage chair with my feet in a tub of bubbling warm water while someone massages my legs and feet.

I truly needed it for I play so much beach volleyball that my feet were really dry and rough.

When you get a pedicure, you get your feet scrubbed and peeled removing dead skin and calluses resulting to softer and cuter feet. They also paint your nails and for some reason I can never get it to look as nice. The nail polish also lasts longer before it starts to chip and peel so you can throw on your new pair of open toe shoes with confidence.

I think everyone including men should get pedicures. It is not a feminine thing, it is like getting a massage, and results in relaxation and softer feet. Men, just don’t get nail polish unless it truly tickles your fancy, lol.

Get a pedicure today!

It results to relaxation, pretty toes, and soft feet.

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