As the heat of the sun beats on my skin and the humidity is making me sweaty, I feel a droplet hit my face. I second guess myself, ‘is it about to rain?’ I look up and there is a cloud above and clear skies in between where the sun peaks through the spaces. I know the scattered clouds brings hope that the rain will only last for a short burst of time and I can enjoy the sun again.  I love summer rain for it is sunny though it is raining – it is an irony to smile about.

The Simple Life - Summer Rain

I love the feeling of summer rain for on hot summer days when it is unbearable, the rain is refreshing. The humidity subsides and the rain cools your warm skin. I look up in the sky, close my eyes, extend my hands to the sides making a small letter t with my body, and take a deep breath. I feel the rain drops splatter on my face as if I was in the shower, enjoying the refreshing feeling. I am embracing the feeling with every one of my senses – the sounds of the birds chirping, the smell of the breeze, and the warmth of the sun on my skin combined with the wetness of the rain.

It isn’t pouring rain but just a splatter here and there, it is just enough to satisfy my skin thirst.

I open my eyes and it is sunny and not gloomy and it has stopped raining in a matter of seconds.  I smile in the moment for summer rain happens occasionally.  For some reason it always reminds me of the song by Carl Thomas – Summer Rain, as per the video below:

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