Finding something you lost can be rewarding for most likely it was unexpected which results to a splendid surprise. You could be cleaning your room or trying a jacket you haven’t worn in a couple of months and SURPRISE, you found that long lost item. It is like finding a treasure that you gave up looking for months ago, only to find it was within arms reach. This is what happened to me the other day.

The Simple Life - Finding Something You Lost

As I was looking for my black trench coat that I haven’t worn in awhile, I felt something bulky in my right pocket, it felt familiar. I reached in to find something I thought I lost, I pulled out a white wire with the plug attached to the end. It was my iPhone charger. I was ecstatic for I thought my brother stole it from me (Bro – sorry for blaming you, lol).

“Whenever I find something I lost, the feeling is just amazing.” – Liza Mae

Like most people, I have issues with losing things in my life. You attach yourself to something and the greater attachment, the harder it seems to let go but when you do finally let go, it is a freeing feeling, but what is even a greater feeling?

The feeling of finding something that you thought you lost, only to find it randomly one day.

This is one of the simple things in life that makes me smile.

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