I was at the beach playing some volleyball and I happened to get sand in my eyes. This is one of the worst things that can happen when you are wearing contacts for it feels like someone is stabbing your eye with pins or needles. I put in eye drops, washed my eye, but my contacts were at the end of their life cycle and there was no fixing the pain that I felt.

I was crying like a river and the pain just would not subside. I was a hot mess to the point that it affected my sinus’.  So the first thing I did the next day was buy myself new pairs of contacts online from clearlycontacts.ca.

Two days later, the doorbell rang and the delivery truck driver came to give me my purchase of new contacts.  I was surprised at the fast delivery for it came before the expected time of delivery.  I’ve been ordering from clearlycontacts.ca for the past 2 years for you can get cheap contacts and glasses plus their service is amazing.

I opened the blue box where there were two white boxes containing contacts for my left and right eye. I opened this box and took one of the six contacts and opened the plastic container and put the contact in my eye. It was a perfect fit. I did not feel them at all which is how contacts should always be but isn’t.

For those fortunate enough to have 20/20 vision, appreciate it for having to wear corrective lenses and glasses is annoying. For the less fortunate and blurry visioned such as myself, you understand the feeling of putting in new contacts. It is like having the ability to see things clearly with new eyes!

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