It was a hot summer’s day at the beach and I decided to get a popsicle to cool me off. As I stood in line with my friends, Ale & John, conversing about random stuff I was next in line to be served. I overheard the guy in front of me giving his order to the ice cream man.

“Can I have a dipped cone and a ‘poopsicle’?”

I stopped in my tracks and looked at my friends and give the biggest smirk look of ‘did I just hear that?’ Then John made it even worse by shouting aloud,

“Liza, do you want a poopsicle? I know you want a poopsicle!”

He had no shame whatsoever though the guy was still standing in front of us. Ale just looked at him and whispered,

“John, the dude is still there! You are horrible! (lol)”

All the while, I was dying with laughter to the point where my stomach hurt. I was hysterical to the point where I couldn’t even speak when it was my turn to order.

 The Simple Life - Laughing Til Your Stomach Hurts

These are the simple moments of life that I live for – laughing until my stomach hurts. It seems these moments happen when you are with friends and these memories will leave you with another amazing story to your book of life.

When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt?

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