In this digital age where we text vs. call, Skype vs. visit, and e-mail vs. write, we have become more distant than we’ve ever been. The lines of communication are limitless which supposed to bring us closer together but it seems it is pushing us further apart, the personal touch has been lost in the digital world. So whenever I get something in the mail which are not bills, I instantly become ecstatic.

“I get mail; therefore I am.” ― Scott Adams

I was watching an early 90’s movie where cell phones were a luxury and we used to rely on landlines as our primary means of instant communication. When you meet someone and want to exchange phone numbers, you would need to write it on a piece of paper which could tell you a bit about a person just from their writing (for example, how big a person writes, if they print vs. handwrite, how they loop their ‘y’s or ‘g’s, if they draw a happy face, etc.) This can give you a glimpse of who a person is. Now this moment is lost with cell phones for we now can scan BlackBerry QR codes to exchange BBMs, type in the number manually, or search for each other on FaceBook.

The Simple Life - Getting Mail Not Email

Like exchanging phone numbers via paper and pen,when someone writes me a card or a letter, I can instantly tell a couple things about a person. You can see all their minor mistakes for there is no ‘undo’ button when writing a letter or card, so you either have to scratch off your mistake or use white out. Letters feel more sincere and you can actually remember it for emails get lost in the myriad of emails one receives in a day. It just feels more personal than an e-mail ever will.

I don’t even recall the last time I received or sent a letter to someone but I should start by sending someone a letter randomly every month. Therefore, send a handwritten letter for it is more personal and having something physical to hold feels golden.

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