The Simple Life #11: Swinging on a Swing

It was a nice sunny evening and as I was walking to my car, there was a park which was filled with playground equipment from jungle gyms to things I’ve never seen before but my eyes immediately saw the vacant seats of the swings and I was drawn to it like a child. I instantly hopped over gingerly with a big ‘ol smile on my face.

The Simple Life - Swinging on a Swing

I walked toward the swing and stepped into the sandbox where the outdoor swings were hanging above. I sat on the black rubber flexible seats which were held on to by chains which hung on a steel bar above. I walked my feet backwards as far as my feet could reach, to the point where I was on the tips of my toes. Then I kicked my feet up giving me that initial motion forward.

Then in the same motion I leaned my upper body back with my hands gripped on to the chains. When I reached the peak I bent my knees back and leaned my upper body forward.

Then I repeated this motion.

With every repetition I went higher and faster on the swing. I could feel the rush of wind of the direction I was swinging and my hair swayed in the wind wildly.


My hair would sway behind me and get untangled …


then my hair would sometimes go in my face.

forward. back. forward. back.

My heart was racing with excitement and joy.

I reached so high where I was basically free falling as I was swinging forward and then back. I had that stomach turning feeling like when you are riding on a roller coaster and are declining.  This made me want to scream out to the world in happiness.

I felt free. I felt like a kid again.

The next time you walk past a playground, swing on a swing for it will bring feelings of happiness and freedom – live like you are a kid again.

The Simple Life.