My running buddy Shamil texted me to remind me that it was running day and I mustered my dishevelled self though I was truly not motivated. That is the mere beauty of having a running/workout buddy – they motivate you to get your lazy ass up and running.

Canadian Funny MoneyWe ran my usual 5km running route which was through my neighborhood in the suburbs. As we were going up an incline I looked down by the curb amongst fallen leaves and spotted a bright purple $10 dollar bill. (I know our Canadian money is funny! Red, green, blue, purple, and brown. On top of that we have $1 and $2 coins).

I smiled.

I picked it up.

“Look what I found!”, waving the $10 bill around.

“Lucky! See if you didn’t run this route today , you wouldn’t of found money.”

“I know. Who would of thought I can make money running?”

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Then we continued to run the rest of the route.

Prior to this I was feeling the pain of my quads burn and my knees ache but after finding money it didn’t bother me as much.

I assume when you find money, it gives you a surge of adrenaline of luck and fortune.

Finding money gives one hope especially when you are feeling hopeless.  This is something I truly needed.

It is like a surprise present which you didn’t expect.

Things happen for a reason and maybe it is God’s way of telling me that money is in my path. I just have to open my eyes to see my fortunes that lay ahead.

I feel truly blessed and fortunate.

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