Everyone has the dreaded to-do list in their head of things to-do at work, school or home and sometimes it can be overwhelming.

Living in a fast paced society, we juggle our lives in every aspect and to stay organized we build a to-do list in our heads of what needs to be done today, tomorrow, or eventually.

This can be overwhelming and stressful when your list of tasks keep repeating in your head, therefore with the help of a to-do list you expel those thoughts from your head on to a paper or smart phone app, computer, etc.

To simplify your life I have come up with a system that will get your life on track to being more organized resulting to being less stressed out.  It is a pretty simple process that I use when my to-do list is dozens of lines long and seems impossible to complete.

I call this system the ‘Post-it to-do’ method.  Basically the systems principle is if you can’t fit it your to-do list in a post it then your to-do list for the day is too long.

  1. List all your to-do items on a paper (I have tried to create my to-do lists electronically via computer, phone, tablet, but I realized to keep it simple and just write it on a piece of paper but whatever method works best for you will do.)
  2. Prioritize the most important based on timelines (for ex. Assignment is due in two days)
  3. Choose one simple task to-do and put this as your first task. The reason for this is that you will have a good start with a productive mindset.
  4. List your top underlined to-do’s on your post it.

Tips to doing the post-it to-do method

  • If your to-do list doesn’t fit on a post it then most likely you can not finish the task for the day
  • Don’t cheat yourself by writing small, you can only do so much in a day
  • You know the estimate time your task will take, so organize your list accordingly
  • Do not feel bad for not completing everything, there is always tomorrow
  • If you finish everything on your post-it to-do list then

I usually like to write my to-do’s on paper but in this day and age of technology there are some apps you can use on your smart phone.

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