Yoga - Gorilla Pose - Defying gravity

I walk-up to the gym receptionist to sign up for 11am yoga at 10am and she gives me a disappointed look and tells me that the class is already full and that there is a class as 12pm. I immediately get frustrated and think,

‘I am an hour early and the class is already full? Ughhh… Are you kidding me?’

I shake my head in disbelief and start blaming these hot yoga fanatics for coming in too damn early to sign up just for Hot Yoga! These people are crazy for Hot Yoga and don’t get me wrong, I am too but my time is too valuable to be waiting over an hour just to get a spot. Frustrated, upset, and angry is basically all the emotions I was feeling for the first few seconds that I did not get in to the class but then a few seconds later I realized that there was nothing I could do in that moment to change it. The reality is that I did not get in to this class and had to accept it. So I ended up going to the next class and though it wasn’t in my plan, I adapted to my circumstances.

Don’t Stress the Predictable at Work

No matter where you work, there are certain problems that happen at work that are beyond your control. For the most part these problems are standard practices – in other words predictable.

I used to be a data analyst for a big Canadian retailer and I used to create reports from data on various networks, and occasionally the company network would be down, disabling me from working and completing my reports. This would leave me anxious and stressed for I had my deadlines for when these reports would be released to the company. I would complain to my co-workers and boss, which they would add fuel to the fire for they would be going through the same dilemma. After the first few times this happened, I realized that there was no point of stressing the predictable and I learned to take those situations with a grain of salt and treat it as a time to converse with my coworkers about random stuff.

Even though you may work in a different industry, I’m sure there are certain predictable factors that occur now and then, which you don’t need to stress about. You can be a cashier who has to deal with a disgruntled customer that is complaining that their favourite toothpaste is out of stock, or an accountant who has to work extra long hours during tax season – no matter what industry you may work in, we all have to deal with different problems that are predictable and out of our control. This is self-induced stress for no one is creating it but yourself.

Gain Awareness of the Predictable Problems of Your Life

LuxaVision Photo a Day Blog | Traffic in ShanghaiIt is understandable that the initial reactions to problems causes you to have anxiety, frustration, and stress, but once you factor these problems in to your awareness, all these negative feelings will dissipate and you become freed from the tensions you had. You will start to realize how silly it is to stress the predictable problems of your life.  I’m sure you see it in others or in yourself, for example, people stress about the delayed subway, morning traffic or the long line up at the grocery check out – all of these things sound silly but I’m sure you have stressed about these things at one point.

Stress is inevitable but if you just take a moment and breath, you begin to let go and start to eliminate the stresses in your life and work.  If you can shift your thinking, attitude, and reactions to predictable problems that will arise in your day to day living, you will start to live a more relaxed life.

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