I was getting ready to go out for a night out to the city and I had chosen my clothes, make up was done, hair was dried and styled, but I needed to complete my outfit by choosing one of the most important ingredients to a woman’s outfit – the shoes.

In my logical decision making analysis, the decision wasn’t easy for I was thinking of plethora of things …

“Will this match my clothes?”

“Is it cold outside?”

“How long am I going to be standing?”

“Will I be dancing much?”

“Did I paint my toe nails?”

… and the questions flooded my head with all these different options.

So I tried on three to four different pairs of shoes, narrowing it down to two – open toed black stilettos or leopard print pumps. Taking it off, putting it on, switching shoes … and repeat. I was being indecisive and at times like this, you just have to get someone else’s opinion.

Since my five year old nephew was watching me go through my routine of getting ready and he was closest to me in proximity, I asked him for his opinion as I modelled two different shoes on my left and right foot,

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“Which shoe should I wear?”

“The Leopard ones”, he answered without hesitation.

“Why did you choose that?”

“Because you can run faster!”

I laughed hysterically and he laughed with me. I knew he didn’t understand why I was laughing but it was logical in his five year old mind.  He didn’t go through the thought process that I did and he made a decision based on what he knew.  It was simple for him which made me smile.

Decision Making Like a 5 Year old

My Nephew & I

How to Make a Decision

Sometimes we complicate our lives with the numerous options overanalyzing our decision for the fear of choosing the ‘wrong’ answer but sometimes there is no right or wrong answer OR there is no better or worse, at the end of the day we just have to make a decision without asking so many questions. It is either, open toed black stilettos or leopard print pumps?

I went with the leopard print pumps with the help of the perspective of my nephew.

Occasionally, we have to look at the world as a 5 year old especially with small decisions, such as what shoe to wear.  If we don’t keep it simple, we will stress ourselves out with each decision we make.  We should make decisions without over questioning or over analyzing, but with creativity and ignorance, for life’s too short to waste time making simple decision.

If you can’t seem to make a decision, you just have to ask a 5 year old for advice, for you’ll be surprised with what they come up with.  They are smarter than you think.

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