Warrior 3 Pose

I feel sweat rolling off my forehead from my hair line to my eyebrow as I am balancing on one foot with both arms extended strait beside my ears, making a T shape with my body, also known as warrior three pose in yoga  but all I could think of is the very last pose in yoga called the corpse pose or in laymen’s terms laying down. I breath immensely trying to keep calm as the bead of sweat is matched by another causing it to cascade and drop on my yoga mat and splatter underneath me.

It is just one of those days in yoga where the poses are difficult, I didnt get enough sleep, I drank too much the night before, or simply I’m just really tired for whatever reason, and all I want is for the yoga session to end. I gaze at the clock and there is still 30 minutes left of class. It seems time is against me and seems to move slow when things are difficult but I keep going for I know it will end eventually.  I just need to keep focused and go the extra mile because I know I can do it.  So when I hear the words from my yoga teacher,

“Step both feet to the front of your mat and lay down on your back.”

Corpse Pose - Legs B&WI take a big deep sigh along with some of my other yogi practitioners around me and I get to finally lay down in corpse pose. The lights are dimmed low, music is relaxing, and all the hard work in class is rewarded with rest. This is my favourite pose for I felt I earned it.  I worked hard in my practice now I can calm my thoughts, relieve my stress, and relax my body. Sometimes I get so relaxed or I’m just so exhausted that I have fallen asleep during the corpse pose.

I feel accomplished when I reach the last pose which is the corpse pose for I made it to the end. I don’t understand why anybody would skip this pose for it is the best and most important one. I’ve seen a couple people leave prior to the corpse pose and I simply don’t understand why.  Corpse pose is simply worth the struggle and pain.


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