Morning Workouts | Morning vs. Evening Workouts

Morning Workouts | Morning vs Evening workouts


That’s the sound of the alarm at 6:30am and it is time for my morning workout.

Waking up is a struggle in the morning for I am not a morning person. I am that type of person who snoozes the alarm a couple of times before getting out of bed trying to squeeze as much rest as possible.

It has been two months since my conversion from evening workouts to morning workouts and I can honestly say it has been a very positive change in my life.  I have trained my body and mind to get up and get in my morning workouts done by 8am.

These are the benefits of Morning Workouts:

  • Jump starts your metabolism resulting in faster weight loss
  • Wakes up the body
  • Increases blood flow for better circulation
  • Feels energetic throughout the day
  • Gives a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment which can transfer to the rest of your life at work or school
  • Eliminates the need to drink caffeinated drinks for you get natural energy
  • Less interruptions of ‘life’ in the morning, hence less skipped workouts
  • More free time in the evening to do what you want to do
  • Better nights sleep
  • More alert therefore you become more productive for the remaining day
  • Less people at the gym so your workouts are productive

Before I converted to morning workouts I usually spend my morning laying in bed flipping through Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter posts on my phone but I decided to make a change and make my mornings productive.

I have decided instead of wasting time in the morning I would spend my time wisely on my health and fitness.


Are your excusese more important than your dreams

I find that I make a lot of excuses of not working out for I am either too tired, sluggish, have lack of time, but in reality I am just lazy. Usually I make a lot of excuses for my laziness when it comes to any sort of work like laundry, cleaning, etc., but working out takes the cake.

There were definitely some hurdles I had to jump in order to make this change but I had to adapt to reach my goals.

How to successfully transition to morning workouts:

  • Plan the morning workouts everyday for the week so you won’t be wasting time figuring out what to do.  This is an example of my workout for the week, though sometimes I do not stick to it 100%, at least I have a plan for the day.Example of weekly workout schedule
  • Sleep is an important factor and depending on how much earlier you wake up, that’s how much earlier you have to sleep. If I don’t get enough sleep, I’d rather skip my morning workout and postpone it until later.
  • Change the mindset of ‘early’ for that is relative to the mentality

Week 1 of Morning Workouts:

  • Sleep 30 minutes earlier than usual
  • Set alarm 30 minutes prior to my usual wakeup time
  • Plan a 20-30 minute workout. The initial goal of morning workouts was to wake up the body so I would feel energized. I would do my regular workouts in the evenings as planned but this could be your workout for the day depending on your fitness goals.

Week 2 of Morning Workouts:

  • Don’t sleep in on weekends for it will mess up the rest of your routine for the week
  • Set alarm 45-90 minutes prior to usual wakeup time – times vary bases on your estimate workout time for the day.

Week 3 of Morning Workouts:

  • At this point your morning workouts should become routine and you’ll find that your body has been trained to get accustomed to waking up earlier

Congratulations you have successfully transitioned to morning workouts.  At this point you should find waking up in the morning gets easier as long as you sleep long enough.

Tell me your success story and struggles in the comments.  Let me know what benefits you got from doing a morning workout vs evening.