My muscles started to burn, my heart was beating out my chest, I was breathing profusely but I wanted to the extra mile.  So I paced myself and started paying attention to my breath, every step, and I started to calm my mind which relaxed my heart and body.  Then I pushed and pushed until I reached that extra mile.  I kept telling myself that it is only one more step, one more breath, and I can push through.

As I balanced my weight on my right foot and then I extended my left foot forward to hold one of the poses in yoga my quads started to burn and as I thought that was bad enough, my yoga instructor told me to put my leg higher and surprisingly I exceeded my expectations of myself.

Lately it seems my yoga instructor has been pushing me further in my poses from raising my hips higher in side planks, extending my leg twist stretch, and going lower in my splits. He keeps saying every inch counts for it will take you to the next level and I can show you more advanced poses.

I do yoga 4x a week, so I didn’t realize that after doing the same poses for so long, I stopped pushing myself further until someone made me aware that I was getting too comfortable in my poses and that every inch counts.

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“Let it burn, let it ache, but don’t let it feel sharp like a stabbing sensation.”

Your muscles are just telling you that you are going beyond your threshold but you are getting stronger and more flexible. Eventually it won’t burn or ache for you your muscles are stronger and more flexible. What once was a challenge, will be a piece of cake and you will plateau in your run, workout or pose. When you reach that extra mile or hold a pose, you run another mile or push for one more inch or do just one more push up for it is ONLY another second or minute of your life of controlled pain.

When asked how many reps Muhammad Ali did for abs, he responded,

“I don’t know – I don’t start counting until it hurts.”

When you are out of breath, your muscles are hurting, and it feels as though you have reached your limit, think it is only a couple more seconds or minutes of your life. Don’t stress the mind with negative thoughts for you are what you think.  The pain is only temporary, so push further for you can do it!

Pain is Temporary

How to Go the Extra Mile

  • Get support from friends and family
  • Believe in yourself , you are more capable than you think
  • Be conscious of what you are doing when you are doig it
  • Realize that pain is only temporary
  • Take a deep breath
  • Pace yourself
  • Never give up

Obstacles are in our life so we can jump past them, push us to our limits, make us stronger, build our character, and helps create us, not break us.  The worst defeat is self-defeat!

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