As children, we are more inclined to be active for there is gym class, sports teams, recess time to play, and as children what we do best is play. As we head into high school things change for priorities differ for some of us. The transition can deter us from being active because being in sports becomes more competitive therefore being harder to get on a team or our motivation has changed to fitting in, being popular, etc.

Then university or college comes in to play and shifts things once again. This is when my perspective changed. I went on my yearly physical with my doctor where she asked,

“What you do for exercise?”

So I answered with,

“I do what I can when I can for as an engineering student, I am tacking over 25 hours of in class and then studying on top of that.”

My doctor looked at me with a dead stare and said,

“You think you are busy? I have 2 kids and a husband. If you think you don’t have time then you are delusional.  You have time, you just have to make time.”

It really changed my perspective on things in my life until this day. She was boldly on point.

“Never complain, never explain. Resist the temptation to defend yourself or make excuses.”  ― Brian Tracy

We constantly make excuses for being too busy to work out and exercise, whether we are in school or work, we always make an excuse NOT to be active.  The reality is we are too lazy to exercise for keeping active is work.  I know it ain’t easy for I have days where I just rather sit on my couch and watch old episodes of Sex in the City with a bag of chips in my hand, but I have set my health as a priority.

When you reach 25, you are walking up a downward escalator and we have two choices to keep up or be ahead of the downward escalator. It is your choice!

After this visit with my doctor I joined my school gym then eventually added Aikido to the mix.  This brought me to be active 3-4 times a week.

Now this kept me in pace with the downward escalator but once I graduated and started a job and things started to slip and I was going down with the escalator.

I made more money than I could handle therefore spent more money eating out and drinking. I gained 10lbs and most won’t say I was fat but my mother would tell me more times than one that my ‘boy-on’ aka belly was bulging. I am 4’11” so weight as much as 10lbs was significant on me.

I was still active 3-4x a week but I ate poorly.  I didn’t love my body but I accepted it for I wasn’t huge in this societies standards.

Then I met a personal trainer and he didn’t think 4x a week was enough considering I took Friday to Sunday off.

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My mentally was stuck on,’I’ll never work out on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday’. Then he just asked “Why?” in which I asked with a dubious answer which was, “It is the weekend!” Now that I recall and type that it seems really silly. At the time I was adamant that it was a valid excuse.

This is when I shifted my thinking once again going beyond my mental limitations.

Three days off consecutively without any physical activity was too long to be inactive and was counter productive.

Eventually I changed my workout routine from 4x to 6-7x a week. I scheduled workouts for 7 days a week but if I missed one day I was fine for I had a routine for 6 other days.  It gave me focus on that specific day of the week and it became a daily goal and priority.

Work Hard Play Hard

So now that I changed my workout regimin, my eating habits had to change also, this is and continues to be my most challenging for I love to eat!

I started living with my boyfriend and I used to plate our meals and it was equivalent in portion size and he would question it for I was half his size. This made me question it too and I started to watch my portion size comparing what he had on his plate to mine.  Therefore, instead of having 3 eggs, I would have 2, or if he had 2 slices of bread, I ate 1, etc.

I wasn’t hungry or starving. I realized the importance of the amount of food we intake, it was more than I needed.

My lifestyle changed significantly where people thought I worked out a lot for I made it part of my lifestyle versus a task I had to do.

I made it a part of me. I didn’t spend more than an hour at the gym a day unless I was doing yoga. It wasn’t more time then watching a tv show.

I figured an hour of health was more important than an hour of TV.  This goes back to me giving excuses of having no time. We always have time, we just have to make time. We spend more time commenting on our facebook status updates and photos that we fail to realize the precious time we could of used to improve ourselves instead of our online social status’.

I am in the best shape of my life, lost 12lbs, and have more energy than a 5 year old.  To sum up what I have learned and hopefully you can take from my story on …

How to Be Active and Stay Active

  1. Stop making excuses
  2. Make your health your priority
  3. Break down your mental limitations
  4. Think of your health as part of your life, not another task
  5. Get support from others
  6. Find an activity you love, so it doesn’t feel like a workout
  7. Love yourself to stay fit, you owe it to yourself and those who love you

So get up and go.

Get active.

I know how difficult it could be but it is time to change your perspective before you become another fat statistic.

Be active today, for there is no better time than now!

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