Free Exercise Videos | Torchlight Exercises

Free Exercise Videos | Torchlight Exercises

Torchlight exercises are mobility exercises made to target balance, flexibility and form.  Torchlight exercises will highlight your weak areas and by doing these exercises you will be able to work on these weaknesses.

Torchlight Exercises For All Levels

  • Beginner –  No weight is needed as we are trying to focus on form and mobility to pinpoint issues
  • Intermediate – Little weight
  • Advance – Heavier weight

As we become more seasoned to towards these movements we then incorporate them for one set into our warm up routine.

How to do Torchlight Exercises

A. Step-Ups

Objectives: Balance and knee stabilizing

Variations of Step-Ups

  1. Beginners: Step-Back or Side-Step
  2. Intermediate: Forward Step
  3. Advanced: Raised Leg or Pistol Squat

B. Over Head Squats

Objectives: (1) Assess shoulder mobility & integrity (2) Check hip mobility & activates glutes

Variations of Over Head Squats

  1. Beginner: Hands Over Head
  2. Intermediate: Pole Over Head
  3. Advanced: Barbell Over Head Front Squat

C. Front Squats

Objectives: Core Stability of Back and Abdominals

Variations of Front Squats

  1. Beginner: Hands on shoulder
  2. Intermediate: Dumbell
  3. Advanced: Barbell

D. Kneeling Jump Squat

Objective: Hip & Glute Drive, Hip Flexion, Speed and Recruitment of Muscles

Variation Increasing Difficulty

  1. Beginner: Hands on head
  2. Intermediate: Hands over head
  3. Advanced: Barbell on back

Torchlight | Free Exercise Video

Free Exercise Videos | Torchlight Exercises