Lately my fitness motivation has been down due to the fact that it is getting cold in Toronto and I’ve gotten the winters blues but I have come up with fitness tips to keep motivated during the winter months.

I dislike being cold and getting up to get in to the outdoors for a workout is just not appealing but I’ve managed to turn my mentality from being lazy to being motivated. Hopefully this will be a a little kick in the butt to get you back in shape.

These are 5 fitness tips to keep you motivated during the winter:

1. Join a class.
2. Get a workout buddy.
3. Join an organized sport.
4. Plan a warm get away.
5. Try A Winter Activity.

1. Join a class.

Whether it is yoga, spinning, dance, or martial arts training, joining a fitness class will make you accountable to be active and stay active. Some days I skip some of my workouts but I am guaranteed to go to my yoga class for it is only taught on two days a week and if I miss it then I can not do it on any other day. It just forces you to put it on your schedule and you will feel accountable.

2. Get a workout buddy or personal trainer.

I have found somebody to rely on, on days when I don’t feel like getting out of my house. I think I provide the same service for that person. Some days it is tough to get up but if you have a workout buddy who has similar fitness goals, that little push is just what you needed get your lazy ass up and going.

3. Join a Sport League.

Similar to joining a class, joining a sport league keeps you accountable to exercise for you have to be there for your game and/or possibly for your team, if it is a team sport. I am enrolled in an indoor beach volleyball league held every week and I actually look forward to it for I love volleyball. Joining a sports league keeps you active without you realizing it for it is something you enjoy.

4. Plan a warm get away.

Since it is cold we are prone to hide behind our jackets, sweaters, and scarves. Our winter gear hides our figures where as in warm weather we tend to show more skin therefore we fall in to the trap of not really caring how we look, so during the cold months we let our fitness slip. So why not plan a trip to get away somewhere warm such as the Caribbean or Mexico? It is the perfect way to stay in shape for you want to look amazing on your vacation. Also it will make you feel confident in sharing your photos on Facebook because you are in ‘to die for’ shape and you will make everyone jealous because you went somewhere hot and you look smoking hot!

5. Try a Winter Activity.

If you can’t win over winter, might as well join in and make the best of it by trying a winter activity such as skating, skiing, snow boarding, tobogganing, etc. So pull up your snow pants, throw on a jacket, slip on your mittens, and hat and enjoy the winter wonderland.


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