“Let’s go to McDonalds!”

Said my Tita (Aunt in Filipino).

My nephew’s eyes smiled with excitement,

“YEAHHHH, McDonalds!”

Mcdonalds Fries

For year’s now McDonald’s has been the staple of North American fast food and will continue to be for many years to come. How can someone resist the tempting smell of McDonald’s deep fried fries and burgers?

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No matter what city or country I travel to, McDonald’s fries always smell and taste the same.  The menu could be slightly different depending on the country but the fries remain to be the most consistent item on the menu.  The fries still have the same flavour from the first time I tasted it, probably at the age when I could eat solid foods.  It differentiates itself from the competition for the flavour, smell, and appearance is the same for years.

McDonalds is a Child’s Gourmet Restaurant

Happy Meal Box

The smell of McDonald’s just brings back memories of childhood and who didn’t love McDonalds as a child?  It is a child’s version of a gourmet restaurant.  When I was in elementary school my dad would have Friday’s off and he would take me out for lunch at McDonalds and I was anxious to hear the lunch bell ring.

It is called the Happy Meal for a reason – it is a red box filled with excitement. You get a tasty meal and you get a toy! The recent addition to the happy meal is dessert which is surprisingly healthy, a yogourt.

If you feel guilty about eating McDonald’s, at least indulge yourself with the senses whether it be smell and/or taste! It can only bring happy thoughts with that happy meal!

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